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Figure Drawing

figure drawing, girls, pen and ink, sketch club, water color, west texas

I got to hang out at the figure drawing group picnic this weekend. It was good brisket and brownies, and great company. We had our model Casey pose...

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Alien Bee-hive Babe!

girls, pen and ink, water color

No, I don’t know what’s going on with her hair, so stop asking! When I drew this I was trying to let my mind wander. Apparently it...

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Collaboration Sketches

cartoons, comics, digital painting, featured, illustration, pen and ink, sketch club, sketch night, water color, will terrell

Here are a couple of collaboration sketches I did at the sketchnight last night with my friend David Hilburn.  He drew them and I did watercolors...

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A nice bit of crumpet!

fanart, figure drawing, girls, illustration, water color

New painting. Did this a couple nights ago. It’s a reproduction of an old Jack Cole playboy cartoon. I really dig his stuff. I’m really...

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