San Diego Comic-Con – Brian Talbot sketch

This is artist/writer Brian Talbot… (the one with the long hair, not the guy eating the fish taco.  That was just some guy at the restaurant earlier that day.)

Brian Talbot has done a lot of work in his career, but the book that always stood out to me was “A tale of one bad rat.” It was a very powerful story that helped me personally heal from a lot of emotional pain, and its something I’ve bought for many friends to help them.  It was cool getting to meet him and tell him in person, although I’m certain he gets it all too often  There were quite a few other artists on the panel.  I believe it was called “After the first 1,000 pages.” Referring to the fact that it takes a person 10,000 hours to get prolific at any one thing.  Which breaks down to roughly 1,000 pages in comic book terms.  I figure I am close to that in my own career. Although its hard to tell these things.

I tried doing sketches of Gene Colan and a few other people on the panel but none really turned out.  I think it could have been a really amazing discussion, but the moderator was frustratingly passive and hardly asked any questions, most of which were not all that engaging and didn’t really get artists talking to each other.  He even ended the panel early.  These things happen I guess.

The thing that came up over and over from the artists is the love for doing what you’re doing.  Not doing it for credit, or for fame or anything outside of yourself.  But drawing because you absolutely love to draw and creating stories that you want to read.  Like the Straczynski panel, talking about a fire that burns from within you, and not based on any external motivation.  This is the thing that sets highly successful creators apart from the rest.


Winged Piggy

I’ve been feeling a little crabby this week. Nothing like drawing winged piggy’s to de-crabbify your life. Winged piggy’s are the unoffical mascots of many artists I’m sure. Mostly because they are so much fun to draw. I am certain that if I were to run across Mr Krumplebottom in a dark alley I might pants him and tattoo this across his… backfat… area, just to show how much of a not-artist I didn’t become… (?)


SuperZeroes – Johnny walking

This is one of the characters from my new comic book “Will Terrell’s SuperZeroes”. I’ve been working a lot on this story in my spare time, and one thing I’ve been struggling with… er… two things I’ve been struggling with – are the way he walks and stands with his thin legs stylistically. I am a firm believer in using a characters movements (or non-movements in some cases) to establish their personalities Johnny is pretty flamboyant and careless, as is his walk. The other thing is I keep slipping into the pattern of making characters look too old. They’re supposed to be high-schooler kids. So I’m working up model sheets for these characters to help with that.


Conan Sketch

I did this sketch at the store signing today in Lubbock. Thanks to everyone that came out. It was a lot of fun. This was the first store signing that I actually did sketches I was happy with. Several in fact. Things keep getting better and better.

Here’s one that didnt sell… but I’m glad, I was secretly hoping to get a chance to scan it in. Anyone interested in buying this sketch it is $10 buckaroos. Totally worth it.

–Will Terrell