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digital painting, figure drawing, girls, portraits

Quick digital sketch for warm-up. –Will...

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Digital Painting – Watergirl

digital painting, figure drawing, girls, sketches

I’ve been working a lot lately. Got a little fried today, so I decided to step back and do some fun art. This digital painting was from a...

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Random Sketch Dump

caricatures, comics, digital painting, girls, illustration, pen and ink, sketches

I’ve done tons of art this month. Just haven’t had time to post them. This is no where near all that I’ve done. But these are the...

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My first painting!!

art shows, girls, illustration, inspiration

I sold my first painting this week. It was the first acrylic painting I’ve ever finished… and the first one sold!! It’s a good...

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Sketch night sketches

cartoons, digital painting, freebirds, girls, pen and ink, sketch club, sketch night, sketches

This one was digitally colored… (no idea what she’s doing with her hand there.) Its weird. I dont know if other artist go through this,...

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