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I made a new speed sketching video. Mr. Meloncholy.  (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)...

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Caricatures Saturday!

caricatures, will terrell

I will be doing caricatures tomorrow at the Garden and Arts Center: Festival from 9-6!  Come by and get a caricature!  Just $10!!!  (46th and...

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Taco Tuesdays Lovin'

caricatures, portraits, sketch club, sketches, west texas, west texas draw'lins, will terrell

I bring my sketchbook with me every where that I go, and I try to do at least one sketch each time. Its been a great learning tool and It’s...

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Career Counseling

cartoons, digital painting, illustration, sketch club, sketches, west texas, will terrell

This is Kevin Krumplebottom, a sour old man with corn teeth and vinegar breath. He hobbles when he walks and wrinkles when he sits, and to the best...

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2MT caricature Logo

caricatures, cartoons, commissions, illustration, will terrell

I did this caricature for a Podcast called 2MT – it stands for Two Mikes and a Todd.  Pretty clever.  I bet their pods are clever too.  Go...

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Bob Marley Caricature


I’ve been thinking about Bob Marley for some reason all day. Couldnt get it out of my head. Decided to repaint a sketch I’d done a couple...

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Weekend at Bernies – sketch

caricatures, cartoons, digital painting, pen and ink, sketches

Today when I was babysitting my sis’ kids I did a couple really good pen and ink sketches. I colored one of them tonight just to get my mind...

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My Name is Earl – Caricature

caricatures, digital painting, portraits, sketches

I love this show!  “Whats Karma?”  “I don’t know… its something Carson Daly came up with.” I did this as a...

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