Comic Books

Owls of the Ironwork Isle 1(of 5)
March 2013
Available from Antarctic Press


Owls of the Ironwork Isle 2(of 5)
June 2013
Available from Antarctic Press


Lil Depressed boy #15
January 2013
Available from Image Comics
(3-page backstory)


Girls of Steampunk Masquerade
November 2012 (6 Pin-ups)
Available from Antarctic Press

GoldDigger Xmas Special
Dec 2012 (5-page story)
Available from Antarctic Press

Steampunk Halloween 2012
October 2012 (5 page story)
Available from Antarctic Press


I have been creating comic books since I was 19. My first book was called the JOURNEYMAN and was released as an ashcan in 1996. I wrote and published the first two issues between 96′ and 97′ and they were both illustrated by the immensely talented Francis Tsai.


This is artwork from my current comic book series, which can be found at www.superzeroes.net Mondays and Fridays starting September 14th.

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An unpublished comic book series from 2006. Some of the concept design, as well as the first five pages of pencils. I really loved the concept of this story, and I really enjoyed developing the characters and world.

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I was the colorist for Disney / Slave Labor graphics on the first two issues of Gargoyles (2006). All artwork penciled by the talented and always sexy David Hedgecock.

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I colored this 3-issue series for Ape Entertainment.  Written by Troy Dye and Tom Kalesides, and penciled by Collin Fogel.

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Tales of Garcon: The Franchise Players (2011)

I penciled, inked and lettered this 7-issue series for Flat World Knowledge.  Written by Professor’s Jeremy Short and Dave Ketchen. This graphic novel is a fantastic resource on franchising for small business.

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