Character Designs

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  1. Carlos Irizarry says:

    Hi Will, n
    I am Carlos Irizarry ! I love your art, it has inspired me to not give up. One day I will better and i thank you for helping me understand to be patient. I am going to school now to become a Graphic Designer, I also want to animations but I have no clue what to do, could you give me some tips?

    Thank you,
    Sincerely Carlos Irizarry

  2. I don't know who i am says:

    Hey Will, your art is amazing and really inspiring. I always loved to draw, but i stopped because of the school and work etc… Now i just work, so i have more time to draw. I’m in the same as Carlos, i’m going to college of Graphic Designer and need some tips too. Much love from Brazil Will. (sorry for my english) o/

  3. Ellis says:

    Hello Will!

    My name’s Ellis. I find looking at your work and your cafe sketches really… ; I hate to clock the word – but ‘inspiring’. I am an Illustration and Animation student juts starting out. Any words of wisdom for a fresher?

    Many thanks,

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