water color

Pirate Vs. Ninja

genre, sketches, water color

“I hates ninjars!” Water color sketch from the sketch club meeting tonight. –Will...

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A nice bit of crumpet!

fanart, figure drawing, girls, illustration, water color

New painting. Did this a couple nights ago. It’s a reproduction of an old Jack Cole playboy cartoon. I really dig his stuff. I’m really...

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Sketch Dump

cartoons, figure drawing, girls, sketches, water color

Did a bunch of sketches today and last night to clear my head and try out some new stuff. That water color commission got me wanting to try some...

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KCBD newschannel 11 Caricature

caricatures, illustration, portfolio, portraits, water color, west texas

This was a caricature commission for the Lubbock NBC affiliate KCBD. The sportscaster guy does this thing called “I beat Pete” so I had a...

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