water color

Restaurant Patio

pen and ink, sketch club, sketches, water color, west texas

I ate at Fuzzy’s Fish Tacos a couple weeks ago. It’s pretty good. And no the tacos were not Fuzzy. They were however delicious. I was...

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Shark Bite!

cartoons, featured, illustration, shark, water color

When I worked at Seaworld San Diego a few years back doing caricatures, one of my favorite things to do was draw kids surfing sharks. Mostly I just...

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Hulk – SKETCH!

comics, hulk, sketches, super heroes, water color, will terrell

This sketch has been sitting in my watercolor sketch book for a couple of months. I hated this sketch because… well it looked weird to me. I...

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Flying Pigs again!

cartoons, illustration, pen and ink, water color, will terrell

My girlfriend was drawing a flying pig today and wanted to see how I would draw it from a certain angle. I ended up finishing it out as a painting. I...

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SuperZeroes – "Johnny" painting

comics, illustration, superzeroes, water color, west texas, will terrell

I hope you guys aren’t tired of Super Zeroes art yet. I promise I’m going somewhere with it. Just be patient with me. I’ll have...

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SuperZeroes – Bob Painting

comics, illustration, superzeroes, water color, webcomics, west texas, will terrell

This is cheating a little… This painting is actually a couple of months old. I am trying to keep up with my sketch a day theme, but this week I...

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Spiderman in the City

comics, illustration, pen and ink, spiderman, super heroes, water color, will terrell

It was a beautiful day today. Gorgeous thunderstorms woke me up early and got me into the studio to work. Lots of amazing clouds, and the most...

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Robotic kind – watercolor with pen and ink

featured, genre, illustration, pen and ink, robots, sketches, water color, will terrell

I started sketching this last night.  I’ve had a lot on my mind lately, so I find myself doing these little sketches just to let my mind...

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Destructo Doombot ink sketch

pen and ink, robots, sketches, water color, will terrell

You would think from how rarely I’ve been updating this site that I don’t draw that much.  But you would be wrong!  I’ve just...

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

comics, commissions, fanart, featured, girls, illustration, pen and ink, Uncategorized, water color, will terrell

Here is a commission I did recently for a friend of mine.  I really like how it turned out.  I’m enjoying doing multimedia these days.  This...

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