water color

Drawing at the Watts Atelier

inspiration, videos, water color, Watts Atelier

I am living in Southern California now and I’ve been taking classes recently at the Jeff Watts Atelier of the arts. I’ve been keeping a...

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Biker Tattoo

art shows, illustration, water color

It’s been a while since I did an actual illustration (been a while since I had time!) But I finally wrapped up all of my 2011 projects just in...

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Dead@17 Sketch cards

comics, commissions, dead@17, fanart, illustration, pen and ink, water color

I was asked a while back to do some sketch cards for the new Dead@17 card set.  This is my first time doing sketch cards, so it was fun and...

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Wonder Woman

comics, fanart, girls, pen and ink, store, super heroes, water color

A quick drawing of Wonderwoman.  Done with ink and Brush, and some watercolor pencils for color. BUY THIS ART! artpal=insert...

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Aliens Vs Predator – Peanuts

cartoons, commissions, fanart, featured, illustration, monsters, movies, water color, will terrell

This is an old drawing from me that I ran across on my harddrive.  From 2004 when I first started working with water color.  Aliens Vs Predator if...

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"Show me some of that Spanish dancing…"

dancers, figure drawing, girls, pen and ink, sketch club, water color, will terrell

Figure Drawing Group last night was good.  My friend Jenn was the model, dressed as a Flamenco dancer.  I wanted to keep the art loose so I grabbed...

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Iron Maiden – Eddie!

commissions, featured, illustration, pen and ink, sketches, water color

A friend of mine commissioned a painting of “Eddie” the trooper of Iron Maiden fame, for his wife Paige, another good friend of mine. I...

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Figure Drawing

figure drawing, girls, pen and ink, sketch club, water color, west texas

I got to hang out at the figure drawing group picnic this weekend. It was good brisket and brownies, and great company. We had our model Casey pose...

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Alien Bee-hive Babe!

girls, pen and ink, water color

No, I don’t know what’s going on with her hair, so stop asking! When I drew this I was trying to let my mind wander. Apparently it...

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