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sketches | The Art of Will Terrell | Page 2



Sketches from Dallas Comic Con

cartoons, conventions, sketches

These sketches are a few weeks old. I’ve got a new favorite thing, which is drawing people in costume at Comic Conventions. These are a few of...

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Sketching people in Lubbock

pen and ink, sketch club, sketches, west texas draw'lins

I started using a brown paper sketchbook this week for the first time. It’s also been ages since I used Prisma markers. Its refreshing...

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Old man – Character Designs

cartoons, olderly people, pen and ink, sketches

My wife Amber was doing a memory sketch of an old man we saw at the movie theater while waiting in line. I decided to do several variations of him to...

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Walmart sketches – 1.19.2012

figure drawing, olderly people, sketches, west texas draw'lins

We had a good group of marks at the walmart this week. It was a lot of fun trying to catch them all. Although we did get busted. Which almost never...

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pasta lover

pen and ink, sketches, west texas draw'lins

Sketches from the Olive garden. I know it looks like he was eating a steak, but it was actually pasta, I was just too lazy to draw the noodles. -Will...

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Fat Squirrell


  My wife and I were in LA a couple weeks ago, and we saw this little guy in one of the neighborhoods around Disney feature animation. He was so...

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Sunday sketching at Market Street

caricatures, pen and ink, sketches, west texas draw'lins

Sketching people at Market Street in Lubbock Texas. My friend Brandon posted his sketches too (some of the same people). I like the old cowboy in the...

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pen and ink, sketches

I’ve started sketching in a Moleskin sketchbook for the first time. I think I like it. Although its only been a week or two. ¬†This gorilla...

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Flying Squirrels

digital painting, sketches

Digital Warmup sketch, suggested by a friend. Flying squirrels. -Will...

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