Draw with Jazza


I was interviewed recently by Josiah Brooks of the Draw with Jazza channel on youtube. It was a fun little interview and I really enjoyed it. I also...

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Putting the Fun Back into Your Art

interviews, publicity, will terrell

Hello friends! I was interviewed a couple months back by the Pencil Kings podcast and its up now! It was a pretty fun interview. If you’re...

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Two Geeks Talking interview

interviews, will terrell

I did a podcast interview last week with Kurt Sasso from TGT. Here is the LINK! We talk about the art business, making comics, caricaturing, passion,...

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Q and A videos and interviews

interviews, videos

Well, I’ve had lots of opportunities to talk about myself lately. If you’ve ever wanted to know about my career or hear answers to some...

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Comics Coast to Coast interview

blog, interviews, webcomics

COMICS COAST TO COAST interview I recently was a guest on the fantastic podcast Comics Coast To Coast with Brian, Joel and Matt! I really enjoyed the...

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interviews, publicity, webcomics, will terrell

I did an interview last week with Darrel and Thomas from the ARTZEN podcast. I really enjoyed it, I hope you’ll give it a listen. We talk a lot...

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Cartoonist/Comic book artist 1. Do you work in a building or at your house? I work in a studio space with several other comic book artists, which...

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2MT Interview

featured, interviews, publicity, will terrell

I did an interview with the podcast 2MT last week and its now posted online.  Go by and check it out.  We talk about childhood ninjas, Lubbock, and...

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San Diego Comic-Con – Half Pixel Webcomics

comics, conventions, inspiration, interviews, San Diego Comic-Con, superzeroes, webcomics

The main reason I went to Comic-Con this year was because of webcomics. I have been learning the art of making comic books for 13 years now and I...

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San Diego Comic-Con – J. Michael Straczynski Sketch

conventions, inspiration, interviews, San Diego Comic-Con, sketches

I sat in on the J. Michael Straczynski panel mostly because my feet were killing me and I didn’t want to have to wait in line for the next...

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