Uncle Scrooge

fanart, illustration, inspiration, pen and ink

This is a quick drawing I did to give someone as a gift. I really love Uncle Scrooge. Ducktales was my absolute favorite show when I was a kid, and...

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Old man sketch

inspiration, olderly people, sketches, west texas, west texas draw'lins, will terrell

Today was a little rough getting going. It was starting to feel like a Monday so I got in my truck and left town to get recharged. I drove out into...

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Jeff Smith's Bone and Beyond – art show

art shows, inspiration

So… anyone live in Columbus Ohio? Know someone that does? I bought a plane ticket last night to fly out there for the last weekend of Jeff...

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TV spots

inspiration, publicity, videos, west texas, will terrell

My artwork has been featured on TV in 3 different places in the last week!!! I keep forgetting to mention it here, but I am very excited about it....

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Bend not Break

inspiration, interviews, west texas, will terrell

I remember just a short time ago things used to be so hard to do. Everything was a struggle, or required some massive plan and a good amount of...

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inspiration, speaking, west texas, will terrell

A lot of times I don’t know why I do what I do. Only that it needs to be done. It is a different kind of living. One that I am only now getting...

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SketchClub News and me on TV!!!

freebirds, inspiration, interviews, sketch club, videos, will terrell

The Lubbock SketchClub has a new website!! El Sketcho Clubo dot com. Its spanish for the sketchclub. Its plum full of information and updates. Check...

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Mike Wieringo

inspiration, Uncategorized, will terrell

In memory… The last two months my heart has ached for something that I could not describe. Unspoken pangs that have driven me to silence. All...

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My first painting!!

art shows, girls, illustration, inspiration

I sold my first painting this week. It was the first acrylic painting I’ve ever finished… and the first one sold!! It’s a good...

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“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the...

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