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digital painting | The Art of Will Terrell | Page 2


digital painting


digital painting, pen and ink, sketches

Warm-up sketches of Gators.  I sprayed a little digital paint over it hoping to make it pop, I’m not so good at doing the atmospheric digital...

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Hellboy digital sketch

digital painting, fanart, movies

This has been a bit of a stressful week.  Still have a lot to do.  I did this quick digital sketch of Hellboy to blow off some steam after the...

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Olderly People

caricatures, cartoons, digital painting, featured, olderly people, west texas, west texas draw'lins

I love sketching Old Dudes.  Its no secret.   Especially living in West Texas where Old Dudes are in and of themselves work of art for the...

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UFO – digital sketch

cartoons, digital painting, featured, monsters, sketch club, sketches

Several of my friends from the Lubbock Sketch Club and from around town got together and pitched in to buy me a new drawing tablet to replace my old...

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Escape to paradise

cartoons, conventions, digital painting, pen and ink, San Diego Comic-Con, sketches, west texas

Sometimes when I realize that I’m living in Lubbock Texas and not some place that takes my breath away, I get a little sad. I try to remind...

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Freebirds World Burrito

digital painting, freebirds, illustration, pen and ink, sketch club, sketch night, west texas, will terrell

The Lubbock SketchClub is an art group I run here in town. We usually have a pretty good turn out of artists of all ages and skill levels. I really...

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Career Counseling

cartoons, digital painting, illustration, sketch club, sketches, west texas, will terrell

This is Kevin Krumplebottom, a sour old man with corn teeth and vinegar breath. He hobbles when he walks and wrinkles when he sits, and to the best...

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sensei floats

digital painting, sketch club, sketch night, sketches, will terrell

I met a new artist at the sketchclub a couple of weeks ago named Derrick Fleece. He’s new to town and a terrific artist. I’ve really...

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Batman – digital sketch

batman, comics, digital painting, fanart, sketches, super heroes

We had some guests in the comic book studio today.   My friend Jenn Q brought a couple of the  foster kids that she’s working with, up to...

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