Gargoyles Posters and Sketch Cards

comics, commissions, fanart, featured, gargoyles, illustration, will terrell

My friend David Hedgecock drew these images of Goliath and Demona to promote the new Disney/Slave Labor Graphics Gargoyles books for the upcoming...

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Gargoyle's stuff

comics, gargoyles

I just finished coloring the last page of issue one last night. I just have a few touch ups left and then uploading everything to the SLG server....

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1 hour comic

cartoons, comics, sketches

Well the sketch night was fun. Very small turnout this time. Just Luis, Brandon, Trinidad and I. But I really had a blast. We took our first try at...

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"How to become a comic book artist"

comics, inspiration, will terrell

One of my goals for this blog, is to use it to inspire other people to do what they love. I believe that we are created to be happy. Not to work a...

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Gulliver – Promotional art

comics, conventions, will terrell, wizard world

I designed this card back in november for WizardWorld Texas. It’s promotional artwork for the Gulliver comic book that I’m working on for...

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