Tales of Garcon cover

comics, garcon, pen and ink

I am working on a new project these days.  I am illustrating a 200 page graphic novel for a text book company.  The book is called Tales of Garcon...

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Anna – Sketchbook painting

comics, dark ages, painting, will terrell

Everytime I finish a sketchbook, I like to do a little painting on the cover.  In this case, its the character Anna from an old, old story of mine....

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Dead@17 Sketch cards

comics, commissions, dead@17, fanart, illustration, pen and ink, water color

I was asked a while back to do some sketch cards for the new Dead@17 card set.  This is my first time doing sketch cards, so it was fun and...

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Wonder Woman

comics, fanart, girls, pen and ink, store, super heroes, water color

A quick drawing of Wonderwoman.  Done with ink and Brush, and some watercolor pencils for color. BUY THIS ART! artpal=insert...

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Tomb Raider Lara Croft

comics, fanart, girls, movies, pen and ink, sketches, store

BUY THIS ART! artpal=insert I like how Lara looks in this drawing!  I’ve been drawing more mainstream characters this week to sell at...

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Wonderwut sketches

comics, sketches, superzeroes, will terrell

Now that I’ve finally introduced this little guy in Super Zeroes I can share a few sketches of him.  He’s one of my favorite...

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Life drawing Sketchbook pages

comics, sketches, superzeroes, webcomics, will terrell

Technically, these aren’t from my sketchbook.  They’re from my clipboard.  I’m finding it easier to do layouts on loose sheets of...

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Favorite panel

comics, superzeroes, webcomics, will terrell

This is one of my favorite panels so far from Super Zeroes.  I like the character interaction.  And the colors turned out alright too!...

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Potato – Super Zeroes

comics, superzeroes, webcomics

I did this sketch this weekend at SketchClub of Potato, the bulldog from Super Zeroes.   I love bulldogs.  I think they’re adorable. This...

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Rosina – Super Zeroes

comics, superzeroes, webcomics

Today’s Super Zeroes comic strip introduces a the 4th main character in the Series, Rosina.  Check out the comic, let me know what you think!...

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