Phil Kerr Van – Illustration

caricatures, cartoons, commissions, publicity, west texas

I did this illustration a couple of years ago for Phil Kerr Plumbing.  It was a fun drawing, except for trying to squeeze that little dog in...

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Caricature Family

caricatures, commissions, pen and ink, Uncategorized

This was a caricature commission from a few weeks back.  It was a lot of faces from a lot of photos.  Not the most I’ve ever drawn, but I was...

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Olderly People

caricatures, cartoons, digital painting, featured, olderly people, west texas, west texas draw'lins

I love sketching Old Dudes.  Its no secret.   Especially living in West Texas where Old Dudes are in and of themselves work of art for the...

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Dexter Dweeble

caricatures, sketches, west texas draw'lins

This gentleman’s name is Dexter Dweeble.  He is a mild mannered fellow, who has an unnatural affinity for Liverworst sammiches. I don’t...

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Old Golfer

caricatures, pen and ink

I’ve been enjoying pen and ink sketches lately.  I started to color this with my fancy new Intuos 4 tablet my friends got me for Christmas,...

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Caricature – David

caricatures, sketch club, sketch night, sketches

This is was a quick caricature sketch I did of my artist friend David Hilburn tonight at the sketchnight. ...

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Quizno girl

caricatures, sketches

I’m going back to posting sketches and artwork now.  I hope everyone has had a chance to check out my new webcomic!  I’ll continue to...

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Caricatures Saturday!

caricatures, will terrell

I will be doing caricatures tomorrow at the Garden and Arts Center: Festival from 9-6!  Come by and get a caricature!  Just $10!!!  (46th and...

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Taco Tuesdays Lovin'

caricatures, portraits, sketch club, sketches, west texas, west texas draw'lins, will terrell

I bring my sketchbook with me every where that I go, and I try to do at least one sketch each time. Its been a great learning tool and It’s...

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West Texas Drawlins

caricatures, sketch club, sketches, west texas

I love living in West Texas.  Some people don’t much care for it, but I really do.  Part of the reason is drawings like this.  I’d say...

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