west texas

Prairie Dog

conventions, pen and ink, sketches, west texas, West Texas Comic Con, will terrell

What? No I don’t know what this is for. Ask me later....

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Figure Drawing

figure drawing, girls, pen and ink, sketch club, water color, west texas

I got to hang out at the figure drawing group picnic this weekend. It was good brisket and brownies, and great company. We had our model Casey pose...

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Restaurant Patio

pen and ink, sketch club, sketches, water color, west texas

I ate at Fuzzy’s Fish Tacos a couple weeks ago. It’s pretty good. And no the tacos were not Fuzzy. They were however delicious. I was...

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Taco Tuesdays Lovin'

caricatures, portraits, sketch club, sketches, west texas, west texas draw'lins, will terrell

I bring my sketchbook with me every where that I go, and I try to do at least one sketch each time. Its been a great learning tool and It’s...

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Escape to paradise

cartoons, conventions, digital painting, pen and ink, San Diego Comic-Con, sketches, west texas

Sometimes when I realize that I’m living in Lubbock Texas and not some place that takes my breath away, I get a little sad. I try to remind...

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west texas, will terrell

So, a few years ago some friends of mine were joking with me that everyone that does comics in West Texas was doing it because I got them into it. I...

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Freebirds World Burrito

digital painting, freebirds, illustration, pen and ink, sketch club, sketch night, west texas, will terrell

The Lubbock SketchClub is an art group I run here in town. We usually have a pretty good turn out of artists of all ages and skill levels. I really...

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Career Counseling

cartoons, digital painting, illustration, sketch club, sketches, west texas, will terrell

This is Kevin Krumplebottom, a sour old man with corn teeth and vinegar breath. He hobbles when he walks and wrinkles when he sits, and to the best...

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SuperZeroes – "Johnny" painting

comics, illustration, superzeroes, water color, west texas, will terrell

I hope you guys aren’t tired of Super Zeroes art yet. I promise I’m going somewhere with it. Just be patient with me. I’ll have...

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SuperZeroes – Bob Painting

comics, illustration, superzeroes, water color, webcomics, west texas, will terrell

This is cheating a little… This painting is actually a couple of months old. I am trying to keep up with my sketch a day theme, but this week I...

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