west texas draw’lins

Sketch Lubbock – August

pen and ink, sketches, west texas draw'lins

My wife Amber and I sketch people every where we go.  Its a lot of fun, but its also great training.  I am always trying to capture the way that a...

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Bubba loves Mom.

cartoons, sketches, west texas draw'lins

I was in Houston a while back as a guest at Comicapalooza.  I really enjoyed the show, but I especially enjoyed hanging out with old friends.  Some...

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Olderly People

caricatures, cartoons, digital painting, featured, olderly people, west texas, west texas draw'lins

I love sketching Old Dudes.  Its no secret.   Especially living in West Texas where Old Dudes are in and of themselves work of art for the...

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Dexter Dweeble

caricatures, sketches, west texas draw'lins

This gentleman’s name is Dexter Dweeble.  He is a mild mannered fellow, who has an unnatural affinity for Liverworst sammiches. I don’t...

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Taco Tuesdays Lovin'

caricatures, portraits, sketch club, sketches, west texas, west texas draw'lins, will terrell

I bring my sketchbook with me every where that I go, and I try to do at least one sketch each time. Its been a great learning tool and It’s...

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Old man sketch

inspiration, olderly people, sketches, west texas, west texas draw'lins, will terrell

Today was a little rough getting going. It was starting to feel like a Monday so I got in my truck and left town to get recharged. I drove out into...

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