Super Zeroes – FIRST STRIP!

comics, girls, superzeroes, webcomics, will terrell

Visit the www.SuperZeroes.net website to see the first strip! I will be updating Monday thru Friday from now on. -Will...

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a little help?

comics, girls, sketches, superzeroes, webcomics, will terrell

Anyone in Lubbock willing to help me out some on Php/CSS coding on my webcomic website in exchange for some artwork or illustrations?  I’ll...

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San Diego Comic-Con – Half Pixel Webcomics

comics, conventions, inspiration, interviews, San Diego Comic-Con, superzeroes, webcomics

The main reason I went to Comic-Con this year was because of webcomics. I have been learning the art of making comic books for 13 years now and I...

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SuperZeroes – Bob Painting

comics, illustration, superzeroes, water color, webcomics, west texas, will terrell

This is cheating a little… This painting is actually a couple of months old. I am trying to keep up with my sketch a day theme, but this week I...

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SuperZeroes – Johnny's Expressions

comics, sketches, superzeroes, webcomics, will terrell

He can’t hide his face. I try to put a little bit of myself in every one of my characters, and Johnny is one of those, like me, that just...

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west texas super zeroes

comics, sketches, superzeroes, webcomics, west texas, will terrell

Its a busy week so far work wise. Still trying to make time to sketch. Seems to be the only thing that keeps me sane. This is a quick sketch I did at...

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