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webcomics | The Art of Will Terrell



Comics Coast to Coast interview

blog, interviews, webcomics

COMICS COAST TO COAST interview I recently was a guest on the fantastic podcast Comics Coast To Coast with Brian, Joel and Matt! I really enjoyed the...

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interviews, publicity, webcomics, will terrell

I did an interview last week with Darrel and Thomas from the ARTZEN podcast. I really enjoyed it, I hope you’ll give it a listen. We talk a lot...

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Super Zeroes Update video!

comics, superzeroes, webcomics

I made a quick update video blog about all the exciting news about Super Zeroes! -Will...

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Hermit Hill

fanart, pen and ink, webcomics

Well, this was fan art for one of my favorite Webcomics, Hermit Hill, but it looks like I’m a little late to the party.   He’s putting...

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Robot Beach Fanart

fanart, webcomics

I did some fanart for my friend Matt Forcum’s comic Robot Beach. I recommend checking it out if you’re looking for a fun read! -Will...

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Life drawing Sketchbook pages

comics, sketches, superzeroes, webcomics, will terrell

Technically, these aren’t from my sketchbook.  They’re from my clipboard.  I’m finding it easier to do layouts on loose sheets of...

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Favorite panel

comics, superzeroes, webcomics, will terrell

This is one of my favorite panels so far from Super Zeroes.  I like the character interaction.  And the colors turned out alright too!...

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Potato – Super Zeroes

comics, superzeroes, webcomics

I did this sketch this weekend at SketchClub of Potato, the bulldog from Super Zeroes.   I love bulldogs.  I think they’re adorable. This...

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Rosina – Super Zeroes

comics, superzeroes, webcomics

Today’s Super Zeroes comic strip introduces a the 4th main character in the Series, Rosina.  Check out the comic, let me know what you think!...

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