sketch club

Sketching people in Lubbock

pen and ink, sketch club, sketches, west texas draw'lins

I started using a brown paper sketchbook this week for the first time. It’s also been ages since I used Prisma markers. Its refreshing...

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sketch night

I will be in Dallas this weekend, for a bit of an inspirational respite/sabbatical. If you are a fan of Super Zeroes, or a webcomic artist in the DFW...

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Lubbock Comic Book Expo 4!!!

comic book expo, conventions, sketch club, west texas

Visit www.Lubbockcomics.com for more information  Or check out our event on Facebook!!! I can’t believe this is our 4th year doing this show!...

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Caricature – David

caricatures, sketch club, sketch night, sketches

This is was a quick caricature sketch I did of my artist friend David Hilburn tonight at the sketchnight. ...

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cartoons, monsters, pen and ink, sketch night, sketches

I don’t know what these are.  I can’t tell if they’re cute or creepy either.  It’s just what I was in the mood to draw at...

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UFO – digital sketch

cartoons, digital painting, featured, monsters, sketch club, sketches

Several of my friends from the Lubbock Sketch Club and from around town got together and pitched in to buy me a new drawing tablet to replace my old...

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"Show me some of that Spanish dancing…"

dancers, figure drawing, girls, pen and ink, sketch club, water color, will terrell

Figure Drawing Group last night was good.  My friend Jenn was the model, dressed as a Flamenco dancer.  I wanted to keep the art loose so I grabbed...

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Figure Drawing

figure drawing, girls, pen and ink, sketch club, water color, west texas

I got to hang out at the figure drawing group picnic this weekend. It was good brisket and brownies, and great company. We had our model Casey pose...

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Restaurant Patio

pen and ink, sketch club, sketches, water color, west texas

I ate at Fuzzy’s Fish Tacos a couple weeks ago. It’s pretty good. And no the tacos were not Fuzzy. They were however delicious. I was...

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FreeBirds Flyer 2

commissions, freebirds, pen and ink, sketch club, sketch night

I ended up redesigning the Flyer for the event at Freebirds next week. This one has a race car in it! Yay! -Will...

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