“Smug Will” self portrait

cartoons, pen and ink, portraits, will terrell

Self portrait. This is basically how I draw....

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San Diego Comic-Con – Brian Talbot sketch

cartoons, conventions, inspiration, portraits, San Diego Comic-Con, sketches

This is artist/writer Brian Talbot… (the one with the long hair, not the guy eating the fish taco.  That was just some guy at the restaurant...

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San Diego Comic-con – Dave Gibbons Sketch

conventions, inspiration, portraits, San Diego Comic-Con, sketches

Its been nearly a week since the con and I am still exhausted.  I’ve been busy this week with a lot of business stuff so I’m not quite...

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Taco Tuesdays Lovin'

caricatures, portraits, sketch club, sketches, west texas, west texas draw'lins, will terrell

I bring my sketchbook with me every where that I go, and I try to do at least one sketch each time. Its been a great learning tool and It’s...

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Old Man – Digital Painting

digital painting, figure drawing, portraits

I’ve been feeling particularly creative lately, especially with digital painting, I’ve really been enjoying it, and I’m inching...

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digital painting, figure drawing, girls, portraits

Quick digital sketch for warm-up. –Will...

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My Name is Earl – Caricature

caricatures, digital painting, portraits, sketches

I love this show!  “Whats Karma?”  “I don’t know… its something Carson Daly came up with.” I did this as a...

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KCBD newschannel 11 Caricature

caricatures, illustration, portfolio, portraits, water color, west texas

This was a caricature commission for the Lubbock NBC affiliate KCBD. The sportscaster guy does this thing called “I beat Pete” so I had a...

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