olderly people

Olderly Man – 3d Sculpt by Steve Gray

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An artist by the name of Steve Gray sent me this lovely 3d sculpt he did of one of my Olderly people drawings. I like how he turned out. Good Job,...

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August Sketches

caricatures, olderly people, pen and ink, sketches, videos, west texas draw'lins

August has been a strange and chaotic month, but I still managed to squeeze in some good sketch time. These are morning sketches from getting...

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Mrs Roundbottom

cartoons, olderly people

I didn’t want the old man that I sketched yesterday to be lonely, I decided to do some old lady character designs for him to spend time with....

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Old man – Character Designs

cartoons, olderly people, pen and ink, sketches

My wife Amber was doing a memory sketch of an old man we saw at the movie theater while waiting in line. I decided to do several variations of him to...

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Sketches April 2012

caricatures, cartoons, olderly people, west texas draw'lins

It has been a very busy month, but I’ve tried to squeeze in sketching whenever I can. I’m almost finished with this moleskin sketchbook....

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people of walmart sketches

caricatures, olderly people, west texas draw'lins

These are a few of my sketches from the past week. Lots of walmart people, and a few from the mall. Lots of character this week. I loved the security...

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Walmart sketches – 1.19.2012

figure drawing, olderly people, sketches, west texas draw'lins

We had a good group of marks at the walmart this week. It was a lot of fun trying to catch them all. Although we did get busted. Which almost never...

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Old man and the Ice Cream

caricatures, digital painting, olderly people, west texas draw'lins

This Joyful old soul was partaking in an icecream desert at Jason’s Deli last week. You can really see how excited he is about the sweet...

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Khaki man – Mall sketches

cartoons, olderly people, west texas draw'lins

This old guy was so adorable. We found him at the mall. I wanted to keep the colors quick, this was about 30 minutes. Playing with some new PS...

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Old Wolverine

olderly people, pen and ink, super heroes, wolverine

My Wife Amber and I are starting to do warm-up sketches together in the studio. Today’s theme was Old Wolverine. We may do a whole series of...

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