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super heroes | The Art of Will Terrell


super heroes

Old Wolverine

olderly people, pen and ink, super heroes, wolverine

My Wife Amber and I are starting to do warm-up sketches together in the studio. Today’s theme was Old Wolverine. We may do a whole series of...

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commissions, super heroes, wolverine

If you’ve ever wanted to get some original art from me, this is the time to do it!  I have a little time until my next project and need to...

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Captain America

captain america, pen and ink, sketches, super heroes

I’m not accustomed to drawing Super Heroes.  But some of my friends do it all the time.  Every so often it rubs of on me and I get to...

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Power Girl

fanart, girls, sketches, store, super heroes

BUY THIS SKETCH! artpal=insert...

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Wonder Woman

comics, fanart, girls, pen and ink, store, super heroes, water color

A quick drawing of Wonderwoman.  Done with ink and Brush, and some watercolor pencils for color. BUY THIS ART! artpal=insert...

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Hulk – SKETCH!

comics, hulk, sketches, super heroes, water color, will terrell

This sketch has been sitting in my watercolor sketch book for a couple of months. I hated this sketch because… well it looked weird to me. I...

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Spiderman in the City

comics, illustration, pen and ink, spiderman, super heroes, water color, will terrell

It was a beautiful day today. Gorgeous thunderstorms woke me up early and got me into the studio to work. Lots of amazing clouds, and the most...

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Batman – digital sketch

batman, comics, digital painting, fanart, sketches, super heroes

We had some guests in the comic book studio today.   My friend Jenn Q brought a couple of the  foster kids that she’s working with, up to...

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Marvel Comics' Electra!

girls, illustration, super heroes

I spent about half my workday today messing around on the Cintiq at the studio.  Such a nice little machine.  I tried out Manga Studio for the...

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Spiderman and Venom – Watercolor Sketch

abilene sketchclub, conventions, fanart, illustration, sketch club, spiderman, water color, west texas, will terrell

I had fun at the Abilene show yesterday hanging out with my friends from the Lubbock Sketchclub, and getting to hang with the Abilene SketchClub guys...

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