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girls | The Art of Will Terrell | Page 3



Cave woman sketch

cavegirl, girls, sketches

I was about to throw this sketch away yesterday when I decided I’d either ruin it with ink first or come up with something someone might want...

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Naked Angels

girls, sketches

So yeah…. the title pretty much sums it up. These are some sketches I did in my friend Phillips naked angel sketchbook. There are naked angels...

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Cavegirl – in tree.

cavegirl, digital painting, girls, sketches

I’ve been having fun with these cave girl drawings.  I dont know what it is exactly.  Maybe i’m not thinking so much.  Or maybe that...

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Cavegirl – Brush Drawing

cavegirl, commissions, girls, portfolio, sketches

This is a sketch I did in my friend Phillips sketchbook. Phillip is a prolific art collector. He let me borrow his big sketchbook of incredible...

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Pink Mummies

art shows, cartoons, first friday art trail, girls, sketch club, sketches, water color

I did these for an art show (…and for one of my favorite people). The art show is the SketchClub first Friday art trail showing this Friday...

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Jungle Girl – Digital painting

cavegirl, digital painting, girls

I’ve decided I’m going to start doing more full illustrations. At the least full characters with a background. I have the tendancy to...

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Digital Painting

digital painting, girls, illustration, sketches

I did this digital painting today. It started as a warm-up sketch, but ended up being about 2 hours. I’m finally getting more realistic hair,...

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Curls and Cat

art shows, figure drawing, girls, water color, will terrell

A while back I posted the drawing for this painting, I got stuck painting it after about the first pass. I dont have a lot of experience with...

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Warm-up sketch

girls, water color

This was a quick warm-up sketch for the figure drawing group tonight. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I’m gonna try and do water...

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Blue Girl – Digital painting Sketch

digital painting, figure drawing, girls

This was a warm up sketch. Trying to get recharged for the next big project. I like when I find new music. Especially when it inspires me to paint....

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