pinup girl

girls, sketches

I saw this girl wearing unusual shorts, like a pinup model from the 40’s. So I tried to design the pose to reflect that. I like how she turned...

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Space Girl


This was a quick sketch for some badge art for Comicpalooza in Houston.  I’ll be a guest at the convention March 26-28 in artist alley!  Come...

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Warrior Woman 2

girls, pen and ink, sketches, store

Another warm-up sketch, another warrior woman.  Guess I got a theme going.  I like how she turned out. BUY THIS SKETCH! artpal=insert...

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Warrior Woman

girls, pen and ink, sketches, store, will terrell

I have a lot of work on my plate these days.  So of course there’s plenty of time to draw random warrior women to avoid the deadlines.  Just...

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Power Girl

fanart, girls, sketches, store, super heroes

BUY THIS SKETCH! artpal=insert...

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Wonder Woman

comics, fanart, girls, pen and ink, store, super heroes, water color

A quick drawing of Wonderwoman.  Done with ink and Brush, and some watercolor pencils for color. BUY THIS ART! artpal=insert...

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Tomb Raider Lara Croft

comics, fanart, girls, movies, pen and ink, sketches, store

BUY THIS ART! artpal=insert I like how Lara looks in this drawing!  I’ve been drawing more mainstream characters this week to sell at...

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Super Zeroes – FIRST STRIP!

comics, girls, superzeroes, webcomics, will terrell

Visit the www.SuperZeroes.net website to see the first strip! I will be updating Monday thru Friday from now on. -Will...

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a little help?

comics, girls, sketches, superzeroes, webcomics, will terrell

Anyone in Lubbock willing to help me out some on Php/CSS coding on my webcomic website in exchange for some artwork or illustrations?  I’ll...

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"Show me some of that Spanish dancing…"

dancers, figure drawing, girls, pen and ink, sketch club, water color, will terrell

Figure Drawing Group last night was good.  My friend Jenn was the model, dressed as a Flamenco dancer.  I wanted to keep the art loose so I grabbed...

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