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fanart | The Art of Will Terrell | Page 2



Star Wars Storm trooper

fanart, featured, illustration, movies, painting, pen and ink, starwars, store

I love Star Wars.  I need to do more Star Wars art.  Its so much fun.  Except when your airbrush is acting up and you end up breathing in too much...

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Power Girl

fanart, girls, sketches, store, super heroes

BUY THIS SKETCH! artpal=insert...

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Wonder Woman

comics, fanart, girls, pen and ink, store, super heroes, water color

A quick drawing of Wonderwoman.  Done with ink and Brush, and some watercolor pencils for color. BUY THIS ART! artpal=insert...

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Tomb Raider Lara Croft

comics, fanart, girls, movies, pen and ink, sketches, store

BUY THIS ART! artpal=insert I like how Lara looks in this drawing!  I’ve been drawing more mainstream characters this week to sell at...

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Aliens Vs Predator – Peanuts

cartoons, commissions, fanart, featured, illustration, monsters, movies, water color, will terrell

This is an old drawing from me that I ran across on my harddrive.  From 2004 when I first started working with water color.  Aliens Vs Predator if...

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Uncle Scrooge

fanart, illustration, inspiration, pen and ink

This is a quick drawing I did to give someone as a gift. I really love Uncle Scrooge. Ducktales was my absolute favorite show when I was a kid, and...

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cartoons, comics, fanart, sketches

The anatomy is pretty wonky on this Conan sketch I did earlier tonight when I was hanging out with friends. But it was a fun little drawing to do....

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Conan the Barbarian vs the Hydra

art shows, comics, fanart, illustration, pen and ink, portfolio, will terrell

I did this painting tonight for an art show tomorrow at Hard Tops Gallery in Lubbock. Things have been busy lately, I was hoping to have time to do...

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Batman – digital sketch

batman, comics, digital painting, fanart, sketches, super heroes

We had some guests in the comic book studio today.   My friend Jenn Q brought a couple of the  foster kids that she’s working with, up to...

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Indiana Jones tries again

fanart, pen and ink, sketches

I did this Indy sketch a couple days ago in a desperate attempt to avoid being productive.  I wanted to try out a new greywash mixture I’d...

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