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fanart | The Art of Will Terrell



Mal and Chad Fanart!

fanart, pen and ink

I recently did some fanart for my friend Stephen McCranie that does the wonderful all-ages graphic novel Mal and Chad! I was finally able to meet...

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Zatoichi the blind samurai

fanart, pen and ink, sketches

I’m a huge fan of samurai movies. Yojimbo, lone wolf and cub, but Zatoichi is my favorite. I did this sketch while watching one of the many...

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the Adventures of Kate Beaton's lost comic…

cartoons, fanart, pen and ink

I Love Kate Beaton’s comics!  And you should too!  I am totally inspired by her ability to quickly jot out little stories and make them so...

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Leonardo

comics, pen and ink, teenage mutant ninja turtles

Lunch sketch from a couple of weeks ago.  No it wasn’t pizza, dude.  I went to to grab a bite to eat with Syd, one of my Robot Cowboy...

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Hellboy digital sketch

digital painting, fanart, movies

This has been a bit of a stressful week.  Still have a lot to do.  I did this quick digital sketch of Hellboy to blow off some steam after the...

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Hermit Hill

fanart, pen and ink, webcomics

Well, this was fan art for one of my favorite Webcomics, Hermit Hill, but it looks like I’m a little late to the party.   He’s putting...

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Darth Vader – returns

fanart, featured, illustration, movies, painting, pen and ink, star wars, starwars, store

This likeness turned out a little better for Mr Vader I think.  though I still see lots of room for improvement.  Whats weird is that I thought I...

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Robot Beach Fanart

fanart, webcomics

I did some fanart for my friend Matt Forcum’s comic Robot Beach. I recommend checking it out if you’re looking for a fun read! -Will...

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Darth Vader

featured, illustration, movies, painting, pen and ink, starwars, store

Continuing with the Star Wars theme, I Decided to take a crack at painting Darth Vader.  Definitely takes some work to get the costume right. ...

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Dead@17 Sketch cards

comics, commissions, dead@17, fanart, illustration, pen and ink, water color

I was asked a while back to do some sketch cards for the new Dead@17 card set.  This is my first time doing sketch cards, so it was fun and...

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