Wizard World Texas – 2008

comics, conventions, wizard world

I will be at wizard world Texas in Arlington Texas this weekend, Nov 7-9. I will be at table 2940 in artist alley with my girlfriend Amber, who is...

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conventions, sketch club

I will have a table at Novacon tomorrow. Stop by and say Hi! Here’s some more info about the event… “Are you an artist, like art,...

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Lubbock Comics Workshop

art shows, comics, conventions, sketch club

This is the final call for the comics workshop this Saturday. We have about 15 people signed up and it looks like things are ready to roll. If you...

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Expo Wrap-up

comic book expo, comics, sketch club, will terrell

To get what you’ve never had, you must do what you’ve never done.  This I would say, sums up Lubbock’s first comic book convention...

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Artwork Update – Lubbock Comic Book Expo!

comic book expo, commissions, conventions, portfolio

I havent posted any art in a while. Not that I havent been doing any. Its just been really REALLY busy lately. This is a t-shirt design someone...

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The Lubbock Comic Book Expo

comic book expo, conventions, sketch club

The Lubbock Comic Book Expo is an event I’ve helped organize with the Lubbock Sketch Club, Star Books and Comics, Metropolis radio show KTXT,...

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Lubbock Comics Group

art shows, comic book expo, conventions, sketch club, west texas

This has been an awesome year so far. I’m having a blast with all the stuff we’ve got going on. I’ll give you a run down of whats...

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Lubbock Sketch Club – 2008 update

art shows, comic book expo, first friday art trail, sketch club, sketch night, west texas

2007 was a very busy year for me. Both professionally and in my personal life. I was able to do quite a bit this year that before I could only...

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Metropolis Radio interview!

comics, conventions, interviews, publicity, will terrell, wizard world

I will be on Metropolis comic book Radio show tonight between 7 and 8 pm on KTXT here in Lubbock. Tune in and cringe as I usually have no idea what...

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Gulliver – Promotional art

comics, conventions, will terrell, wizard world

I designed this card back in november for WizardWorld Texas. It’s promotional artwork for the Gulliver comic book that I’m working on for...

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