art shows

Lubbock Comics Group

art shows, comic book expo, conventions, sketch club, west texas

This has been an awesome year so far. I’m having a blast with all the stuff we’ve got going on. I’ll give you a run down of whats...

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Lubbock Sketch Club – 2008 update

art shows, comic book expo, first friday art trail, sketch club, sketch night, west texas

2007 was a very busy year for me. Both professionally and in my personal life. I was able to do quite a bit this year that before I could only...

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Will Terrell Art Show

art shows, first friday art trail, will terrell

I’ve finally been roped into doing an art show. I haven’t done this in 7 or so years. I’ll be exhibiting at the Lubbock Municipal...

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Curls and Cat

art shows, figure drawing, girls, water color, will terrell

A while back I posted the drawing for this painting, I got stuck painting it after about the first pass. I dont have a lot of experience with...

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My first painting!!

art shows, girls, illustration, inspiration

I sold my first painting this week. It was the first acrylic painting I’ve ever finished… and the first one sold!! It’s a good...

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"Death and Sandman" – 11×17, cell paint.

art shows, comics, fanart, genre, illustration, portfolio, super heroes

I started this painting about 3 years ago. I drew the figures and partially painted them. Then got stuck. I was feeling artistic tonight after the...

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Flamenco Dancer – Colored

art shows, dancers, digital painting, girls, illustration

I drew this Flamenco dancer about this time last year. Ran across it on my hard drive tonight and decided to color it as a warm up. Spent a little...

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