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How to get what you want | The Art of Will Terrell


How to get what you want

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I have some thoughts on Desperation; As someone who used to think I could WILL myself to make stuff happen (pardon the pun). Desperation doesn’t work. If you are desperate for something, you are actually attracting the circumstances for the opposite of what you want.

There is a stink to those who are desperate. You have probably experienced this with others. Someone desperately wants something from you. The more they want it, the more you want to run screaming away from them. The universe is like this too. Its called resistance.

The more you push, because it HAS to be your way, the more obstacles will be put in your way. You have to let go, and practice becoming what you want to attract.

If you pray for peace, you will not be magically granted peace. Only more opportunities to practice being at peace. If you pray for patience, or to be brave, or happy, or better with money… you will only be given more opportunities to practice those things.

If you’re desperate for success.. you will not succeed. Success comes from daily habits that build toward the reliable skills and circumstances you need to seize opportunity when it presents itself. But if you think you can push REAL HARD and make one big effort… you will fail.

If you’re desperate for the project you’re working on to be your success, or this one opportunity to make or break you… you’re looking at the situation all wrong. And you are attracting the circumstances for you to fail. You’re attracting more opportunities to become desperate.

If you’re desperate for Love, or attention, or respect, or to be appreciated or just…. not lonely…. your desperation will only attract more opportunities for you to be desperate. You must BECOME what you want to attract. DAILY. You want Love, GIVE Love. Selflessly. Relentlessly. Joyfully. Without any expectation of anything in return. I promise that love will come back to you in abundance and more powerfully than anything you could have had before.

Life doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it. Let go of expectations. Go with the flow. Commit to the daily habits that will build the life you someday want. Be loving, kind, and patient… with yourself, and everyone around you. We’re all just trying to figure this stuff out.


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