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…And then the year was New Again | The Art of Will Terrell


…And then the year was New Again

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I love roadtrips. Nothing like long stretches of countryside and ambling vistas to clear your mind of the debris of everyday and fill it back up again with an abundance of inspiration. It never fails to leave me excited and wanting to immediately pour that inspiration into action. But releasing it all at once is always such a struggle. As though it must come through the narrowest aperture to become reality… like syphoning magical sludge through a tiny straw.

Driving back from Texas this week after a very short holiday visiting family and friends back home, I found myself buzzing with inspiration and once again longing to create youtube videos. I took for granted how easily it came to me before. I had the time to think… and the time to express those thoughts coherently. Those days seem like such a far off memory that I hardly even recognize it anymore. So much has changed since I was last regularly creating content; the platform, the world and most importantly myself.

For whatever reason, I’m feeling more hopeful and idealistic than I have in a very long time. Perhaps it’s because of a lack of access to social media the last few weeks? Or perhaps its because I feel like I’ve finally internalized some big lessons I’ve been trying to understand the past few years? Either way, I intend to come back to creating content in 2019. It wont be any easier than recent years. I will still be working in animation full time. Still a Dad and Husband. In fact, doubly so as a Dad, with a new little girl due in just a month or two.

I’d like to just dive into sharing everything I’m working on. But I know better. I’ve burned myself before. Instead I’m using this pent up inspiration to change my circumstances and prepare my environment for the processes necessary to succeed. Because that is my true New Years Resolution. “Focus on the Process instead of the Results.”

I’ll have more to share soon. If you have ever been a fan of my work, please let me know if you have any suggestions for videos or advice on how I should approach things differently. If you have experience creating youtube content, what should I know before coming back to it? How do you think things have changed that I should be mindful of?

I wish each and every one of you a blessed and Happy New Year!

Keep Smiling!

-Will Terrell



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