How to get OUT of a drawing FUNK

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Have you ever been so much in a Funk that you just cant bring yourself to do the thing you love doing more than anything else in the world? That totally happened to me recently. After getting my foot in the door finally in the animation industry, and putting in a season at one of the big studios on a character that inspired me to become an artist in the first place… I found myself losing the motivation to draw each night after a long day of character designing. Luckily… I’ve been through this type of thing before.


Click Image to download the sketchbook from Video

Drawing funks rarely last. And often, when I finally do get back to it after taking a break, I feel refreshed and see things with a different perspective. Its hard though when you’re in the middle of it to avoid the tendency to beat yourself up and feel guilty over it. DONT do that!

I posted a video today talking about what I do to get myself out of a drawing funk. Maybe these tips can help you as well. If you’d like to download the sketchbook from this video, you can do that HERE.


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