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Daddy Duty Doodle | The Art of Will Terrell


Daddy Duty Doodle

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Its been a while since I updated my site. Not sure if anyone even visits websites anymore. Either way I gave it a little overhaul, might as well give a little update as well. This past year has been amazingly eventful and wonderful. Aside from a few bummers, it was pretty much the best year of my life. I got my first gig in the animation industry. I worked for Warner Bros. on the new Bugs Bunny series “Wabbit” as well as did character designs on the Jetsons Meet the WWE movie and the Scooby Doo Wild West movie. My youtube channel past 150,000 subscribers and nearly 6 million views. And most excitingly… my wife Amber and I brought a little boy into the world. Emmett Owen Terrell was born December 9th.

doodledaddy I posted a little video talking about what alls going on these days. I also have a confession; that drawing 8 hours a day, kind of sucked the creativity out of me when it came to drawing at home. Its been ages since I did much sketching for fun, let alone youtube videos about it. So this week I’ve decided to get back to it. Feels good to be getting back in the saddle.

Hopefully this ancient ol’ site will get some good use again now too.


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  1. Adegbite Rinu says:

    Hah!Really digging the site’s new look!

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