Do you think you can be a good comic artist and raise a family and kid in the same time or you have to choose ?

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sure, lots of great artists have kids. I feel like it would only give you more to talk about in your work. 

not that I’m gonna have kids though. 

Yeah, it is possible but it changes your entire life. I finished the third North World book in anticipation of my first born, however I got about 75 pages into a planned four book series and I completely and literally lost the plot. My daughter would typically take 20 minutes of outright sobbing to get to sleep, and that on top of working at a soul-crushing job equaled that I just could not do it. The story was shelved and I rediscovered video games for a few years.

Then she started sleeping better, I started working nights and being alone for hours in silence and io9 did a review of North World and kicked my butt into gear. Penultimate Quest 1 was drawn in anticipation of my son and the second volume was drawn despite his occasional sleepless nights (but he goes to sleep great, thank you, Lord).

Because I drew before and through this time I feel far more confident about continuing to draw even as I have now passed the 30 year mark. Also thanks to my son I can reflect on the lost years as being pretty understandable. Kids are draining, but also wonderful. Similar to comics.

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