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Well, I’ve had lots of opportunities to talk about myself lately. If you’ve ever wanted to know about my career or hear answers to some of the questions I get asked a lot, you should check out these videos!

This first video is an interview I did with a fantastic person and an amazing artist named Sycra! I had so much fun in this interview, we probably laughed for about 30 minutes before the interview even started. And it was great to be able to pick his brain about doing videos and such. I’ve learned a lot! ANd he asked great questions. I feel like this is one of the better interviews I’ve done.

These next two videos are Q and A that I did over the Texas Comic Con weekend in June with my friend Brandon Adkins. I had people tweet me their questions and I did my best to answer them. It actually spilled over into a Bonus Q and A video since there was so much.

lets just hope I’m done talking about myself for a while.

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