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Here is  another sample from my storyboard portfolio for CTN Animation Expo.  I did this one a couple weeks ago. I am taking an online storyboard class right now from Rad Sechrist, a great board artist from Dreamworks. He’s worked on some of my favorite movies. Its been really eye-opening seeing him work, and hearing his thought process. I’ve missed being surrounded by artists that can see through my work and help me improve. I also love being able to see not only how much more I have to learn, but seeing examples of how I can I can do it. I can tell I’ve got a LOT more to learn before my work is at the level to get hired by a studio. But the only way to learn this is by doing it.

Hopefully I can get even more great feedback at CTN this week. I’ll write a blog about the show after I get back. I expect awesomeness!


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