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Texas Comic Con 2012 – Convention report | The Art of Will Terrell


Texas Comic Con 2012 – Convention report

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I was a guest at Texas Comic Con this weekend in San Antonio. I had a great time meeting other comic creators, and finding some new fans. I even sold some Super Zeroes original art  and that really made for a great convention!

Photo by Reed Gunther colorist Josh Ulrich – who kept me sane at the table Saturday

Probably the hi-light of my weekend was getting to tour Antarctic Press and meeting all the people behind the scenes at one of the oldest comic book publishers in the industry. Even better was hanging out with Brian and Julia Denham afterwords and hearing Brian tell stories about working in comics back in the day for Rob Leifeld, Marc Silvestri and Wildstorm. Makes me feel better about my past experiences working in studios. Everyone I’ve met at Antarctic is super nice and down to earth. They’re just having fun doing what they love. My thanks to Ben Dunn for introducing me to everyone!

The last couple years have been such a change for me. I always went to conventions just to try to make money, and sell books and meet fans. Which is a good goal. But I never socialized all that much. Now I make it an effort to meet other creators when I come to a show, and to hang out with them afterwords, and stay in touch long after. I love seeing how other artists and writers solve the same problems I often struggle with as a creator. Making comics is such a lonely job, its nice to finally feel like I’m not alone. I’m also glad that my art (and ego) seem to be at a place where other creators don’t mind being around me.

This was an enjoyable show, and I’m really glad I got to go. My greatest thanks go to Austin and Amanda Rogers for letting me crash with them this weekend. I really enjoyed catching up. They are such a talented couple, and I look forward to seeing them get more awesome year after year. Thanks for having me as a guest!


Here is some art from the weekend:

Terminator Doodle while it was slow…

A happy customer..

I don’t draw sexy girls as much as I used to, but seeing how well their prints sell at convention, I’m temped to. Here’s a catwoman commission from this show…

Its quickly becoming my favorite thing to sketch people in costume at comic conventions. Several of my artists friends have challenged me to do a book collection of my sketchbooks. So there’s a good chance you’ll see that from me this year. Here are a few of my favorites from this weekend…

4 Responses to Texas Comic Con 2012 – Convention report

  1. Ramon Garcon says:

    How many Tales of Garcon copies were sold?

  2. admin says:

    not enough!

  3. Jess says:

    Hey! It was cool meeting you this past weekend. While we were talking I meant to tell you your hat was awesome and was going to see if I could maybe fight you for it, but then I remembered I have brittle, frail little girly wrists that would snap before one punch could be thrown. And then I remembered I can’t fight anyway so I decided against it.

  4. admin says:

    You too man! I really enjoyed meeting you! And you may have had a shot at fighting me for my hat. I was pretty worn down from all the other death matches earlier in the day for fanciest beard.

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