Sunday sketching at Market Street

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Sketching people at Market Street in Lubbock Texas. My friend Brandon posted his sketches too (some of the same people).

I like the old cowboy in the puffy jacket. When I get old, I’m going to wear a puffy jacket, just for safety, not even to keep warm.

6 Responses to Sunday sketching at Market Street

  1. Mark Stokes says:

    These drawings are infinitely superior to any mere camera, Will. I wasn’t there, but you’ve psychically transmitted these people’s inner thoughts into your sketches. I feel like I know ’em! Always a pleasure to see this stuff, Will, thanks for sharing!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Mark! More and more sketching people in public is my favorite thing, just because of what you mentioned. I love capturing people’s personality. Its especially nice now that I’ve got Brandon to sketch with. I like seeing how other artists approach the same personalities.

  3. Sherm says:

    Love ’em! I like how the details of each person are so specific that they defy the stereotypes I’m used to seeing

  4. admin says:

    Ha! Thanks Sherm! I’ve gotten to where I really love people, the more character they have the more I enjoy pulling that out of them.

  5. Bryan Burk says:

    You are a BEAST!!!!

  6. Will Terrell says:

    A nice beast, I hope.

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