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Pierre Alary – Sinbad | The Art of Will Terrell


Pierre Alary – Sinbad

Comments (3) comics, pen and ink

I’ve been falling in  Love with French Comics more and more the last few years. I especially love Pierre Alary’s work. Pierre is a former Disney France artist, but with a wicked line work added into his terrific compositions and animated designs. He was a student of the incredible “les Gobelins” animation school in Paris (so jealous!) And has been doing comics mostly for the last few years. I fell in love with his “Belladonne” art before I even knew who he was. I’d find little snippets on the internet and try to hunt down more every where that I could. Now I try to import nearly every thing I can get a hold of.

Recently, I’ve been trying to reproduce his line work, below are a few examples from his more recent Sinbad books. These are exact copies (or as close as I could get) of some of his drawings.  Its really helped me tighten up my details, while also loosening up on my overall drawings. I have a tendency to get really really rigid with my face shapes, but Pierre doesn’t seem to even care. He’s got such great design work. And the lines are just the candy on top.

I highly recommend checking out his work if you can track it down!




3 Responses to Pierre Alary – Sinbad

  1. Sandy says:

    I’m going to have to check that out, looks amazing! I’m becoming more and more of a fan of French graphic novels, just loving the artwork in most of them. My current fav is Emmanuel Guibert, who did ‘The Professor’s Daughter’, ‘Alan’s War’ and others… every panel is like a finished painting. Also really like the ‘Jean’ books by Dupay and Berberian… in fact it’s a pretty long list of the graphic novels I like 😉

  2. Will Terrell says:

    Another series I really like is Sillage. Do a google image search for it and there is SO much awesomeness! I’ve only got a handful of those books, since there are so many. Also, ANYTHING by Claire Wendling or Bengal just blows me away.

    I just did a search for Guibert! I love his stuff. I’ve really been wanting to read Alan’s war.

  3. Sandy says:

    Wow, that’s some freakily good artwork… think I’m going to move to France and read comics for a few years.

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