Lubbock Comic Book Expo 4!!!

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Visit www.Lubbockcomics.com for more information  Or check out our event on Facebook!!!

I can’t believe this is our 4th year doing this show!  When we started this in 2008 there had never really been a strong comic book convention in this region, and we didn’t think it would last.  But fans come from all around, and we’ve seen more and more attendees each year, and this year, we have more creators coming from out of town than ever before.  I’m very excited about this show, especially since after last year, I wasn’t sure we’d get to have another one.

I hope that anyone checking this out, that lives close enough to drive, will come out and say Hi!  I will be there with nearly everyone else from the Robot Cowboy studio!  It’s going to be a great show!


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  1. Marcelo Vignali says:

    Fun stuff! Thanks for stopping by!

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