Super Zeroes Update video!

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I made a quick update video blog about all the exciting news about Super Zeroes!


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  1. Andrew Jones says:

    I simultaneously love this and hate you for it. 🙂

  2. WillTerrell says:

    HAHA! It has come to this.

  3. Jason Brice says:

    Hey, Will, what kind of pen are you using to ink the viking? I’ve used disposable brush pens, but they don’t last very long. Any suggestions?

  4. Will Terrell says:

    That was a Windsor Newton Series 7 brush in the video. They’re a lot of fun once you get used to them. If you’re looking for a good brush pen, I would check out the Kuretake Brush pen. Its refillable and lasts a long time. It’s about $30 bucks on dick blick, but its lasted me years.

  5. Jason Brice says:

    Thanks, Will. Keep up the good work.

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