Ice Cream Rescue – Logo designs

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In my business, I am always meeting interesting people doing interesting thing.  A couple months ago, I was asked to do logos for an Ice Cream truck company in Arizona that buys old firetrucks/ambulances and refurbishes them as Ice Cream trucks.  They do corporate and public events, providing ice cream and such.  Sounds really cool!  Here are a few of the drawings I did for them…



One of my favorite parts was designing these ice cream kids, rescuing people with delicious ice cream!




The best part about this job was working with my wife Amber.  She herself is an amazing artist, and it turns out she is way more talented with designing art in Illustrator than I could ever hope to be.  So she took my drawings and made them look great in this program so they can be shrunk and enlarged endlessly without losing quality.  Very cool!


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