Sketch Lubbock – August

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My wife Amber and I sketch people every where we go.  Its a lot of fun, but its also great training.  I am always trying to capture the way that a person walks, stands, sits, or carries themselves.  It makes it a lot easier when I’m drawing pages or illustrations, to draw from experience, than to try to figure it out from my own head.  Here’s a handful of the sketches from this month.  The top sheet is from Taco Villa, the middle is from Barnes and Noble, and the bottom is from Market Street grocery store.  Its rare that people actually notice me drawing them, but not uncommon for other people to see what I’m doing and come over to take a look.  I’m always amazed at how excited they get at seeing people being drawn.  No matter what race, or culture.  Everyone loves art.


3 Responses to Sketch Lubbock – August

  1. Doug says:

    These are great Will! My favorite is the old guy in the cap. Awesomeness, post more!

  2. Bob terrell says:

    Those sketches look great, and really reflect the reality I see in lots of people.

  3. Willterrell says:

    Hey Thanks! I’m glad you guys like them! I will be posting more!

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