Bubba loves Mom.

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I was in Houston a while back as a guest at Comicapalooza.  I really enjoyed the show, but I especially enjoyed hanging out with old friends.  Some of my buddies wanted to go to this hole in the wall cowboy bar to meet a girl.  I ended up sketching some of the wildlife.  This guy was hilarious.  I don’t think he actually had a mom tattoo, but he was showing it off like that.  He loved the sketch too and bought us a round of drinks.  Thats why I love cowboy bars, I can sketch a couple of hours and walk out with a couple hundred bucks in tips and full of beer.  Plus, you get the privilege of meeting characters in real life.


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  1. Daniel Marler says:

    Looks great Will. You are a very talented artist. I remember back in the mid 80’s (when I was a much younger man) and rarely had any money, that I would take my sketch book to a local bar and start sketching bar folks, and it wouldn’t take long before I started getting request and making some bucks. After entering the bar with 3-5 dollars, I would usually leave a couple hours later with anywhere between 30 and one hundred dollars. I never had troulbe with the bar/restaurant manager because I was like free entertainment for them and I would always do some free drawings of staff. Those were the good ole days. Keep up the good work, I enjoy seeing your artwork very much!

  2. WillTerrell says:

    Hey Thanks Daniel! I love doing caricatures at bars. I used to do it as a full time job for a few years. It can be some really quick cash and its fun. Its also a cool feeling that you can go pretty much anywhere, without much money, and make enough to get home with just a pen and some paper.

    Thanks for checking out the blog! Glad you like my work. Hopefully I can keep entertaining you!

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