Phil Kerr Van – Illustration

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I did this illustration a couple of years ago for Phil Kerr Plumbing.  It was a fun drawing, except for trying to squeeze that little dog in there.  But this weekend, as I was leaving the studio, I drove past a van that had it plastered all over the side.  Being a freelance illustrator, I’ve had a lot of firsts in my career, this being one of them.  It was cool seeing the van, and without thinking I whipped a u-turn and followed the van till I could get a good photo.  I’m certain the driver thought I was nuts.



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  1. I’ve seen that design a couple of times on the Loop and at my office. I would drive like a crazy person too If I could find a bus wrap I did a few years back. I didn’t even notice the dog until you mentioned it though.

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