Darth Vader

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Continuing with the Star Wars theme, I Decided to take a crack at painting Darth Vader.  Definitely takes some work to get the costume right.  Especially on the helmet.  I think this turned out well, and I’m anxious to try it a few times till I get the result I’m looking for.




3 Responses to Darth Vader

  1. Alex Paden says:

    The neck looks like it can’t support the head……….Crack!!!

  2. Alex Paden says:

    However, I will say that its not easy to draw Darth Vader because all the dark shadowing…requires alot of skill and for that…this is quite good.

  3. Do you have to pay George Lucas any royalties when you sell this?…just curious. Great Job though! Maybe try a more imposing angle next time.

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