Dexter Dweeble

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This gentleman’s name is Dexter Dweeble.  He is a mild mannered fellow, who has an unnatural affinity for Liverworst sammiches.

I don’t know who he is exactly, but he looks familiar.  At first he was fun to draw, then it started creeping me out a little, so I had to stop.  I hate it when drawings do that to me.


3 Responses to Dexter Dweeble

  1. jon casey says:

    great design! the bottom lip and chin are funny.

  2. I was gonna say the same thing about his face…really creates the creepy tension. Just one question…..does he still live with his Mother?

  3. WillTerrell says:

    I actually sketched this guy a couple weeks ago at the Whataburger. He was so stiff and awkward eating his burger I almost thought he should be eating it with a fork and knife.

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