San Diego Comic-con – Dave Gibbons Sketch

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Its been nearly a week since the con and I am still exhausted.  I’ve been busy this week with a lot of business stuff so I’m not quite back into the art swing, but I have several sketches I did of comic book creators at the convention.  After the first couple days of walking around the convention center I started looking for panels to sit in on.  Its been years since I went from panel because I’m usually stuck in a booth somewhere.  I forgot just how informative and inspirational these panels could be.  Some were particularly surprising, I will try to write a little bit about each one the next few days.  One that really struck me was the CBLDF class on figure drawing with Dave Gibbons, the artist on Watchmen and tons of other stuff.  He has some very helpful tips that I tried to scribble down as they flew at us.

Never show action in the middle, but in the beginning or the end of an action.

“Gesture: Not what a thing IS… but what a thing is doing.”

For drawing hands use the big shapes first to get the form (like a mitten) then divide into halves and break down the smaller shapes.

There were quite a few others, but I’m tired and need to get to sleep.  I’ll post more Monday.


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