Hulk – SKETCH!

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This sketch has been sitting in my watercolor sketch book for a couple of months. I hated this sketch because… well it looked weird to me. I like sketches like that because I have no problem reworking them. I’ll splash paint all over it and not care if it looks any better. In this case it ended up looking a lot better. Not “professional” better by any means, but I at least don’t want to tear it out of the book anymore. One of these days I’m going to sit down and actually try to do a hulk painting that might look professional. Most of the time I’m just spitting them out because I had the green paint handy. Hulk deserves better than that, don’t you Hulk?

EDIT: hmmm… now that I look at it again… this looks more like Hulks awkward high school year-book photo. Lol.

EDIT 2: comment from my friend Chris… Awkward high school yearbook photo of Hulk “Voted most likely to SMASH!”


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